Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Success!! (Sort of!)

Day three of cat/house sitting and we've made progress!!

I've managed to get hot water out of the shower by leaving it to heat up for ages, I've sort of sorted the heating problem by having the electric fire on most of the time in the sitting room and I've managed to figure out the heater in the bedroom so it's marginally warmer in there!

Dotti is also not a scared of me as before, I played with her yesterday and today and she let me give her a brush! Kit's still hiding under the spare bed but luckily she doesn't do it all the time as she runs back upstairs when I get back from work.

That's it for now!



Sunday, 15 January 2012

No Posts, Cat Sitting and Sewing Machine Panic!

No posts for over a week! Very, very bad Erica!! =/

No excuse, just couldn't really be bothered to turn the computer on as I had nothing interesting to report!

Now however, I do! Two of my friends, Jo and Krissie, have gone on holiday for a month to Australia, (I know, I hate them too!!) and they've asked me to look after the house and the cats (Kit and Dotti) while they're away.

So far it's going well! I've tried to have a shower but even though I flipped all the switched I was meant to, the water was still freezing cold, I don't know how to turn the heating up and I couldn't turn the oven off but it apparently turns itself off eventually after you've put everything back to 'off'! The cats are also avoiding me by sleeping upstairs under the spare bed. Not too worried though, it's only the first day and I have looked after them before but not for as long. Dotti's ventured downstairs for something to eat a while a go but we'll just have to see how long it takes for them to come near me!

I was having a little bit of a panic because I wasn't going to bring my sewing machine in case the cats stood on a pin or something but I thought that I'll just put everything inside after I've finished using it so they don't get hold of anything! It means they don't get hurt and I'll be able to do some sewing, hurrah!!

Anywho, that's it for now!