Thursday, 9 February 2012

In a Hole in the Ground...

Just thought I'd share this with you! The greatest, geekiest, most amazingest thing I have seen in ages!!
Sherlock and The Hobbit! Could not get any cooler than this!! =D

Not sure where it is from originally but I found it on Pintrest from

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Not My Week!!

Sorry but this is going to be a bit of moan!

As you probably know by now I'm cat/house sitting for my friends Jo and Krissie who are in Australia and actually get back this Saturday and everything has been absolutely fine until this week! Monday morning I woke up to find the overflow pipe at the back of the house pouring water and assumed that it was actually melted snow from the weekend but no! It is now Wednesday night and it is still pouring water and is now flooding next door's garden. Somehow because of this there is no hot water at all so I can't wash any clothes, I have not had a proper shower since Sunday night and I am currently boiling a fourth kettle of water the be able to wash my hair in the kitchen sink...again!
The estate agents I rang on Tuesday have tried to contact the landlady but she still hasn't got back to them so if she doesn't, they're going to have to send someone out to fix it.

Also, the one plant in the whole house has decided it is going to die on my all of a sudden so I'm going to have to find an Umbrella Tree somewhere AND this morning on the way to work, neither of the buses I could get turned up so I had to walk an hour in the freezing cold to get to work an hour late!

Right, moan over! I'm going to watch some Sherlock to cheer me up (but not The Reichenbach Fall, I'll just cry!)



Sunday, 5 February 2012

Blog Header

Three posts in one day!! I'm on a roll!! =D

In case you're wondering about the header for the blog I still haven't figured out how I want it to look. I've tried lots of free ones from some gorgeous blogs but they just don't seem to fit and nothing looks right. Unfortunately I don't have Photoshop or anything to be able to create my own so I'm still working on it!



First Quilt Block!!

I've wanted to start patchwork for ages but every book I've read or anything I've found on the internet was if you already knew what you were doing, knew how to read a piecing pattern and I was starting to get a little annoyed. Luckily a new part work magazine came out a few weeks ago called The Art of Quilting and I bought the first issue to see if it started from a reasonable level and it seems to be the perfect thing if you're just starting!

I managed to make the block that they provided the fabric for without much difficulty, (aside from the odd cat getting in the way of the sewing machine) and it seems to have come out rather well! A couple of the pieces don't match up by about a millimetre but it doesn't seem to have thrown the rest out of line!

Anywho, I've subscribed to the magazine (you get lots of free goodies!) so we'll just have to see how it goes! Unfortunately, the magazine is weekly if you buy it in a newsagents but is delivered every four weeks when you subscribe but that's still one quilt block a week until the next parcel arrives and it means I'll hopefully have time to do other things as well!



Winter Has Finally Come!!

The snow has finally decided to descend on Yorkshire! It managed about four inches in a couple of hours, (which probably doesn't sound a lot to some people but this is England, we don't have weather!) and luckily I'd put my nice warm boots on before I went out otherwise I would probably have frozen my feet off!

Managed to take a couple of photos this morning from the warmth of the kitchen as I was still in pyjamas and wasn't going outside to take some!